About Mark

Early on, years before my teens, to escape the terror of high contrast child abuse at the hands of a troubled and angry step-father, I sought refuge and invisibility by hiding out in my sandbox. I remember wiggling down deep into the warm sand surrounded by the thick, wooden frame, feeling the comforting heat radiating up into my back, arms, and legs. I would close my eyes and could still see the red color of the sun through my eyelids. I knew that if I got down flat and deep enough into the sand I would be out of sight from the back porch of the house...

At other times I would run away and hide up in the trees, sheltered and cradled from discovery by the branches and leaves, high up with the birds, wishing I could join them in flight...

Ti-Tonchi Rites

To this day I still find refuge in the out-of-doors, a peace and a live stillness with nature. Perhaps the Ancestors were watching and guiding me the whole time, leading me to discover the cycle of perpetual re-birth that it has to offer those who listen to its calling.

I am fortunate to have lived and worked in places surrounded by the forces of nature, and I give thanks to the invisible, yet ever present guidance that I have come to know and trust.

Hence this website and my path in Shamanism; the journey continues...

Thank you

Formal Studies

Foundation for Shamanic Studies Workshops:

The Way of the Shaman - 1998
Shamanic Divination Training - 1998
Shamanic Extraction Training - 1999
Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature - 1999
Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond - 2000
Shamanic Rites of Rebirth - 2000

John Perkins:

"A Gathering of Shamans", Omega Institute - 2000

In 2000 I received an unsolicited, newspaper format, introduction to Inka Shamanism from The Four Winds Society, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
I became immersed in reading his, and various other books based on the history of the Inka Nation and its healers. I had found my lineage. In 2003 I began my studies with The Four Winds Society which continues this day and onward. The following encompasses my studies with this remarkable group...

The Four Winds Society Medicine Wheel Studies:

The South Direction, 2003 - Joshua Tree, CA
The West Direction, 2004 - La Casa De Maria, CA
The North Direction, 2005 - El Capitan Canyon, CA
The East Direction, 2005 - El Capitan Canyon, CA

Healing The Light Body School

The North Work, Soul Retrieval, 2006 - Joshua Tree, CA
The South Work, 2009 - Omega Institute, New York
The West Work, 2009 - Omega Institute, New York
The East Work, 2010 - Park City, UT

The Four Winds Masters Classes:

Reading the Signs of Destiny, 2006 - Kripalu Center, MA
Soul Retrieval, 2006 - Joshua Tree, CA
Walking With Protection, 2007 - Omega Institute, New York
Working With The Sacred, 2010 - Park City, UT

The Munay-Ki training, 2008 - Brevard, NC

The Sacred Valley, Peru, 2012 - Advanced Shamanic Initiations, Apu Pachatusan with Marcela Lobos