"When I first went to Mark, I was apprehensive and skeptical as I am a more cerebral type. I was immediately impressed with his professional demeanor and the care he took to explain what he was doing and why, without compromising the atmosphere of healing that was so critical to our session. I felt much better when I left his office and believe he is a natural healer and has found his calling."
C.L. MacAllister

"Mark has helped me see ways to deal, with what ails me, that no one else has been able to impart..... This hasn't been the easiest trek, but I might venture to say that anyone who undertakes this kind of journey will find their efforts worthwhile."
Joyce P.

"I am writing this to tell people how much our work together with shamanic energy has helped me to improve my quality of life...... The great thing about Mark is that he shows you how to do different exercises and methods yourself so you don't need to rely on him totally for your healing, however he is always there for me when I need guidance."
M. Weiks

"The most profoundly moving experience I had with Mark was to experience his skill, knowledge and compassion when doing my soul retrieval. The whole experience continues to resonate with me to this day...... He always used great kindness, tenderness, compassion and excellent active listening skills when talking with me about painful personal experiences."
MSN, RN, BC-AHN Director, Acute Care Services and Healing Arts Program

"I first saw Mark when I was dealing with a difficult issue. I felt immediately comfortable with him. I deeply value the tender and powerful way in which he led me through the gateway of feeling and acceptance."
S. Petersen

"With Mark's interventions on my behalf, I have been able to heal my troubled childhood, a painful shadow that caused me pain and untold suffering for fifty-eight years. I am finally free to be the joyful person all of us were created to be. I highly recommend this talented and insightful shaman to anyone who wishes to claim their freedom from any negative condition, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Mark is kind, humble, and personable as well as low-key and gentle. This rare combination of qualities make him a truly exceptional shaman and healer."
Reverend Susan D. Warner

"Working with Mark for six months or so has been a wonderful experience. It is near impossible for me to describe this experience other than to say that Mark has helped to clear negative energy from my body, leaving space for positive thoughts, peaceful feelings and energy. This is an important health issue for anyone, especially someone experiencing chemotherapy for recurrent cancer. I am so grateful for this amazing and enlightening work and to experience the peace, energy, and healing on many levels that I claim today."

"In critical times Mark's healing practices have brought me peace and the energy to find purpose and joy in living. The suicide of my youngest son and the death of many loved ones left a void that was filled by pervading sadness and negative thoughts. Mark has given me the tools to live each day with as much joy as possible and to handle the negativity that tries to return. Namaste."

"I am presently a Christian minister, an Advanced Reike practitioner, and formerly a twenty year Buddhist. For the last year or so, I have been studying with and receiving healing and self-improvement treatments from Mark Fortenberry. Certainly, I still honor and highly value all my spiritual paths and embrace the many lessons I have learned from them. I am still informed daily by those wisdom paths, but I must say that Mark's shamanic methods are the most immediate, most effective, and most nearly permanent of all. Working in the energetic and mythic realms rather than the personality avoids the many pitfalls of mind and ego. Mark has helped me to rid myself of hang-ups, attachments, and much negative energy in general. I strongly recommend Mark's treatments to anyone who needs healing and or seeks personal growth."

"Mark Fortenberry, a most gifted creator of Sacred Space and Shaman of the Inca tradition, allows himself to be the vessel for Spirit to bestow healing of great magnitude. Since working with Mark, my own personal processing and healing has taken quantum leaps. What I admire most in Mark is the deepest of humility to serve humankind in the way he knows is his destiny. I trust him, I honor him, I bless him."
Mary Margaret Camalo