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Machu Pichu

Mark Fortenberry
Integrative Energy Practitioner

Shamanic Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance


To be "clean"; that is, to be in a state of physical, emotional, energetic cleanliness and purity in order to receive an initiation, to perform ceremony, or to communicate with the spirits.

In these turbulent times, the shamanic arts offer us fluidity, transparency, and a deeper understanding and love of ourselves. The shaman unearths the healing beyond the cure, restoring our inherent energetic state.

The shaman is a bridge or intermediary between Spirit and the individual who seeks information and healing.

Sacred Space is created by the shaman in order to receive information on behalf of the client. This container created by sound, scent, sight and prayer allows for healing.


Meet Mark

Early on, years before my teens, to escape the terror of high contrast child abuse at the hands of a troubled and angry step-father, I sought refuge and invisibility by hiding out in my sandbox. I remember wiggling down deep into the warm sand surrounded by the thick, wooden frame, feeling the comforting heat radiating up into my back, arms, and legs. I would close my eyes and could still see the red color of the sun through my eyelids. I knew that if I got down flat and deep enough into the sand I would be out of sight from the back porch of the house.

At other times I would run away and hide up in the trees, sheltered and cradled from discovery by the branches and leaves, high up with the birds, wishing I could join them in flight...

My Specializations

Energy Field Illuminations

Soul Retrieval

Fluid & Crystallized Extractions

Lower World Extractions

Munay-Ki Rites

Death Rites

Luminous Energy Field Repairing

Installation of Energetic Protection

Shadow Work

Healing Family Patterns

In-person House & Land Energetic Clearings

Individual Despacho Ceremonies


"When I first went to Mark, I was apprehensive and skeptical as I am a more cerebral type. I was immediately impressed with his professional demeanor and the care he took to explain what he was doing and why, without compromising the atmosphere of healing that was so critical to our session. I felt much better when I left his office and believe he is a natural healer and has found his calling."

C.L. MacAllister


"Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny, for what could more aptly fit your needs?"

Marcus Aurelius

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